Full-Service Garden Care Business

Rooted in permaculture principles, we help you transform your space into a more beautiful, sustainable, low-maintenance and high-reward experience.

Whether you want to create a tropical paradise, an edible food patch, a rustic mountain woodland experience or fresh-cut flower garden, we can help you!

Please contact us today for a visit and free 1 hour consultation.

Landscape Design

We can design your dream garden with beautiful, hearty plants that will flourish naturally in their environment and connect your green space to the surrounding ecology.

Install & Build

Experts in garden design, we craft unique solutions for each project. Our services include Garden Design, Plant Installation, Irrigation Design + Installation, Landscaping, Stonework, and much more.

Garden Care

From developing a healthy garden to managing it through all seasons, we are here to support your garden’s growth. Year-round we provide for all your garden care and plant maintenance needs.

Shop All Plants

We help our customers find the perfect plants to join their gardens and realize their green-thumb dreams.

All Indoor Plants

We offer a stunning selection of indoor plants to bring health, vitality, and beauty into your space.

All Outdoor Plants

Beautiful, hearty and resilient, we have the plants you need to craft an authentic California outdoor garden.

Alexis brought my garden dreams to life. I get to enjoy my green space every day. Thank you!

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Gold Finch Designs made it easy to get into gardening – now we grow so much of our own food, I love it.

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About Us

Proud member of SF Flower Mart, East Bay Sidewalk Plant Tours & Biketopia Music Collective. See More

Get in Touch

For a Free 1 hour landscape design, garden care, or garden coaching consultation – contact us!

(919) 923-7910

Based in Oakland, California

Schedule a FREE 1 hour consultation on landscape design, garden care, or garden coaching! Contact us today using the form below, we would love to hear from you.

  • Landscape Design $75 / hour
  • Garden Care $45 / hour
  • Garden Coaching $75 / hour

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CA State License to Sell Nursery Stock #A1493.001 | Business License by the City of Oakland