We provide high-end professional designs to create year-round, colorful and vibrant gardens. We enjoy helping clients envision their edible oasis and then install them.

Whether you want a mediterranean, pollinator, or say, mountain woodland experience, we can make it happen!

Corner Patio and Wall


FREE 1 hour garden consultation

Alexis: or (919) 923-7910

Design – $75/hr


Want to learn how to garden? We offer ongoing garden coaching

for folks who are interested in maintaining their own backyard? Ideal for clients who want to maintain their own veggie garden or just purchased a home and have no idea what they are doing??


FREE : 1 hour garden consultation

Garden Coaching – $75/hr


Don’t have time to weed, deadhead or mow the lawn?

Let us do the work! We will come out and give

you an estimate for bi-monthly or monthly service.

Garden Care – $45/hr


Gold Finch Designs creates fresh mixed flower bouquets for all occasions!
Whether you need a quick bouquet for that special someone, table arrangements for your private party or full-blown services for your wedding! We can accommodate your needs.
We also offer weekly deliveries to local restaurants, bars and museums.


Terrariums, containers, air plants – you name it?
We create tiny eco-systems in beautiful glass or vintage ceramics filled with rooted succulent plants.
Perfect gifts for someone’s birthday, house-warming party or special occasion!


Please email us at:

for a FREE consultation.

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